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Valuable Dimes

1968 PR68$48,875
1951 PR68$23,500
1956 PR69$19,975
1950 PR68$18,800
1999 MS65$14,375
1949 MS68$13,200
1983 PR70$10,560
1964 SP66$10,200
1956 MS68$9,988
Source: Most Valuable Roosevelt Dimes
1894-S PR66$1,997,500
1900 PR68+ Cameo$66,000
1893-S MS67$63,250
1895-O MS67$58,755.88
1916 PR25$46,000
1895 MS67$46,000
1906 MS65$42,593.75
Source: Most Valuable Barber Dime
1796 Draped Bust Dimes$881,250
1804 Draped Bust Dimes$632,500
1975 No S Roosevelt Dime$456,000
1822-P Capped Bust Dimes$440,625
1797 Draped Bust Dimes$402,500
1938-S Mercury$364,250
1800 Draped Bust Dimes$352,500
1803-P Draped Bust Dimes$322,000
1931-S Mercury$270,250
1798 Draped Bust Dimes$253,000
Source: Rare Dimes Worth Money

Valuable Quarters

1932-D $89,125
1949-D $43,475
1948-P $43,200
1932-S $43,200
1964-D $38,400
1947-P $32,400
1950-D $31,200
1941-S $28,750
Source: Most Valuable Washington Quarters (Full List)
Source: Most Valuable State Quarters (Full List)

Valuable Half Dollars

1964 50C SMS SP67 $108,000.00
1967 50C SMS MS69$31,200.00
1968-S 50C PR70$21,600.00
1966 50C SMS MS68$16,450.00
1969-D 50C MS67$15,600.00
1965 50C SMS MS67$12,650.00
1971-S 50C PR69$12,000.00
1974-S 50C PR70$7,931.25
1976-S 50C Clad PR70 $5,175.00
1973-S 50C PR70$4,887.50
Source: Most Valuable Kennedy Half Dollar
1796 Draped Bust$822,500.00
1797 Draped Bust$1,680,000
1794 MS64+$1,800,000.00
1838 O SP64$763,750.00
1853 O VF35$517,000
1795 Flowing Hair $348,000
1817/4 Capped Bust $356,500.00
1801 MS64$420,000.00
1802 Draped Bust $117,500.00
Source: Most Valuable Half Dollars

Valuable Pennies

1943D MS64$840,000
1943S MS63$504,000
1944S MS66$408,000
1943 MS62$372,000
1909 PR67+$258,500
1905 MS64$253,000
1856 PR67+ $240,000
1944 MS64 $180,000
1856 MS66$172,500
1864 PR65$161,000
Source: Rare Penny Worth Money
1888 Indian Head Penny$74,750
1873 Indian Head Penny$69,000
1877 Indian Head Penny$97,750
1864 Indian Head Penny$34,075
1909 S Indian Head Cent$97,750
1872 Indian Head Cent$126,500
1894 Indian Head Penny$30,000
Source: Most Valuable Indian Head Penny

Valuable Gold Coins

1808 Quarter Eagle$2,350,000
1796 $2 Quarter Eagle$2,160,000
1798 Quarter Eagle$763,750
1807 Quarter Eagle$587,500
1821 Quarter Eagle$558,125
1854 $2.5 Quarter Eagle$564,361
1804 Quarter Eagle,$505,250
1825 Quarter Eagle$499,375
1848 $2.50 Quarter Eagle$402,500
1854-S Quarter Eagle$384,000
Source: Most Valuable Gold Quarter Coins
1854 Gold Dollar PR65$720,000
1849 Gold Dollar, MS62$528,750
1849-C Gold Dollar, MS63$493,500
1855 Gold Dollar PR66 $373,750
1855 Gold Dollar PR66$336,000
1852 G$1 MS69$312,000
1863 G$1 MS68$193,875
1861-D G$1 MS63$180,000
1875 G$1 MS66 $168,000
1853 G$1 MS69$152,750
Source: Gold Dollar Coin Value

Valuable Dollar Coins

1976-S PR66$41,400.00
1973-S PR67$40,250.00
1976 MS64$28,200.00
1976-S PR 70$25,300.00
1971-S PR 68$18,000.00
1972 MS66$14,400.00
1976-D MS63$14,375.00
1977-D MS63$12,925.00
1978-D MS67$7,050.00
1974 MS67$6,600.00
Source: Most Valuable Eisenhower Dollar
1794 SP66$10,016,875
1804 PR68$7,680,000
1885 PR64$3,960,000
1870-S BU$1,092,500
1801 PR-65$1,484,303
1795 MS66+*$910,625
1803 PR66$851,875
1893 MS65$735,000
1796 MS62$123,375
1852 MS63$91,062.50
Source: Most Valuable Dollar Coins that Are Worth Money

Valuable Error Coins

1828 B-3 Quarter Dollar, MS67  Desirable 25/5/50 Error Reverse$352,500
(2000)-P Sacagawea Dollar / State Quarter Mule
MS65+, Famous Mint Error
2000-P Sacagawea Dollar/Statehood Quarter Mule, MS67$120,000
1905 Gold Indian Cent, MS64
Breathtaking Gold Mint Error
Famous (2000)-P Mule Error$88,125
1925-D $2 1/2 –Double Struck in Colla$66,125
Classic Overdate Error 1918/7-S Quarter, MS64 Full Head$48,875
1825 Quarter Eagle Incredible Double Strike Error$45,600
Unusual Washington Quarter$41,975
Type Two Standing Liberty Quarter
Struck 35% Off Center, MS65 Full Head
Source: Quarter Errors Worth Money

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Michael Davidson brings over three decades of experience in buying, selling, and appraising rare United States coins. He is a lifetime member and certified numismatic coin grading specialist at the American Numismatic Association.

Michael graduated with top honors from the esteemed Numismatic Studies program at Grand Valley State University. He has contributed extensively to numismatic publications and organizations while building an impressive personal collection focused on early American copper and silver coins. Michael’s dedication, expertise, and passion for American history define his numismatic career.

When he’s not searching for new coin treasures, he most enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters.

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