If you’ve found a silver dollar that’s marked from 1922, you’d better hang onto it until you can get it valued! Not only are these silver dollars valuable simply because they’re made of silver, but they also attract collectors who may be willing to pay significantly more.

This guide will take you through the price of silver dollars specifically from 1922, including the different types you can find and how to identify them through marks, dates, patterns and more.

For a specific price for silver dollar values today, check out our chart below too.

A Quick Intro to Silver Dollars

Silver dollars are an important part of American monetary history. These coins, literally made from silver, were produced from 1794 to 1935, spanning almost two centuries. During this period, countless silver dollar designs were produced with different ornate designs.

Toward the 1920s, which is the era of mint we are looking at in this guide, the purity of the coins was approximately 90% silver and 10% copper. But it’s not the composition of these coins that makes them so attractive to collectors and historians.

The US mint decided to bring back silver dollars in the early 1920s, using high-quality techniques to create a high relief. In 1922, the relief was reduced, so you have both high and low relief coins produced in this year. However, many of them were simply melted down instead of being released into circulation.

Most people are unaware that these dollars even exist – and they are incredibly rare.

Are They Valuable?

Silver dollars from 1922 are certainly valuable.

On face value, a silver dollar will be worth… a dollar! It has value as a currency, of course. However, it also has value as silver. As of July 2022, an ounce of silver is worth approximately $18.

Now, if you’re lucky enough to stumble onto a rare silver dollar and it is authentic, then you are looking at a value up to (and maybe beyond) $100,000.

A high relief ‘Peace’ dollar from 1922 is incredibly valuable. Check out this video from Pawn Stars to get an idea of just how much money one is worth.

Rare 1922 Silver Dollar Value Chart

Use this chart as a rough guide. We have based average prices on what coins have sold for in recent years. However, this is not a guarantee that your coin will sell for as much.

The specific value of your 1922 silver dollar depends on more than just the pressing or design. You must also consider:

  • How rare it is,
  • What condition it is in – see Coin Grades below,
  • The authenticity of the coin,
  • Whether it has been valued and authenticated before,
  • Any quirks that make it unique that only a coin appraiser will notice.
Coin Identifying Mark Average Price Rarity
1922 ‘Peace’ dollar Eagle with ‘Peace’ at the bottom // Lady Liberty’s profile with ‘Liberty’ above it. $15 to $20 Common
1921 ‘Morgan’ dollar Eagle with spread wings // Lady Liberty’s portrait with “E Pluribus Unum” above it. $17 to $35 Uncommon

Yes, that’s right. There are only two different silver dollars minted in this era (and the Morgan technically wasn’t minted in 1922 at all). Once you’ve worked out whether you have the Peace dollar or Morgan dollar, you can use the mintmark to identify where it was minted and have it graded. Then you’ll be able to find a price for it.

Don’t forget that the antique coin market changes over time too, so prices will naturally fluctuate. For an accurate quote, contact an antiques expert or pawn shop that deals with American mint.

Silver Dollar Grades

There are plenty of helpful guides online that will explain how coin grades work, but to give you the short version:

  • Ranked from 1 to 70, with 70 being “mint” condition.
  • To score 70, a coin must have no post-production imperfections (while imperfections created by the production process can actually make a coin more valuable).
  • Letter code refers to why the coin was produced – Mint State (MS) means it was produced for circulation, while Proof coins (PF) were made especially for collectors.

With silver dollars, you’re looking for MS and a number that’s as close to 70 as possible,

1922 Silver Dollar Value Today – By Design

There are some different designs that have been used over the years, some more frequently than others. Peace and Morgan are two of the most well-known and the most commonly available. Here is how to spot them and how much they are worth.

1922 ‘Peace’ Silver Dollar Value

1922 ‘Peace’ Silver Dollar Value
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The 1922 ‘Peace’ dollar is one of the most common silver dollars produced in this year, with 51 million minted in Philadelphia alone. The fact that they are so common means that you can easily get your hands on one.

Identifying the ‘Peace’ dollar is easy – the word should be located under the eagle. The other side of the coin depicts the profile of Lady Liberty with the world ‘Liberty’ above it.

A high relief ‘Peace’ dollar in decent condition (MS65+) could fetch up to $20. It may not be a staggeringly high amount, but even though these coins are common, there is still plenty of demand among collectors. You won’t have any trouble finding a buyer.

‘Liberty’ 1922 Silver Dollar Value

‘Liberty’ 1922 Silver Dollar Value
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The ‘Liberty’ silver dollar, sometimes labelled as the Liberty Eagle silver dollar is actually just another name for the Peace silver dollar. The word ‘Liberty’ is way more prominent on the heads side of the coin, compared to ‘Peace’ on the tails side, so it’s easy to see why there’s some confusion.

The value – and the factors that impact the value – are of course the same as listed above. Did you know that the world auction record for this specific silver dollar is $32,200? It was sold by Stack’s Bower.

Although the price for the Peace/Liberty dollar is usually quite low as the relief is typically subpar, it is still very popular with collectors so finding a buyer shouldn’t be too difficult.

1922 ‘Morgan’ Silver Dollar Value

1922 ‘Morgan’ Silver Dollar Value
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If you’ve found a Morgan silver dollar that’s struck with the 1922 date, then it’s not genuine. Unfortunately, the Morgan dollar was only minted in 1921 (as well as 1878 to 1904) so a 1922 dollar is almost certainly a fake.

The Morgan dollar was the first standard silver dollar coin minted in the US. On one side is a profile of Lady Liberty with the Latin “E Pluribus Unum” above it. The other side depicts an eagle with wings spread wide.

Focusing on the 1921 Morgan dollar, there are three types available – unmarked, Denver (D), and San Francisco (S). Learn more about these mintmarks below.

The average price of a Morgan silver dollar from 1921 is $25.

1922 Silver Dollar Value ‘In God We Trust’

1922 Silver Dollar Value ‘In God We Trust’
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Both the Morgan and Peace dollars from the 1920s have ‘In God We Trust’ marked on one side of the coin, which is why you may find amateurs refer to these coins under this name. In fact, almost all American mint has this phrase on it, so it’s by no means a mark of a rare coin.

A coin without this phrase on it is rarer – either a sign of a forgery, or a production mishap that has resulted in an incredibly rare coin.

On the Peace coin, this phrase is located on the heads side, on either side of the neck. On the Morgan coin, this phrase is located on the tails side, above the eagle and between the two wings.

Marks, Reliefs, and Quirks

Once you’ve identified whether you have the Peace or Morgan silver dollar, you can start to look more closely at the quality, relief, and mintmarks that are on the coin itself. This helps to determine authenticity and ultimately the value of it.

As the Peace dollar was minted in 1922 and the Morgan dollar wasn’t, we’ll focus exclusively on the Peace dollar.

1922 ‘D’ Silver Dollar Value

The ‘D’ mark on a 1922 silver dollar signifies that it was minted in Denver, as opposed to Philadelphia which is the ‘headquarters’ of American mint, if you like.

The Denver mint created over 15 million silver dollars in this year, which means it is rarer than the Philadelphia mint – over 51 million were minted in that location (see No Mint Mark below).

To spot the mint mark, you need to closely examine the spot beneath the word ‘one’ on the tails side of the coin. You may need to use a magnifying glass or similar tool to determine what the mint mark is. If your coin is in poor condition, you might need an expert to examine it more closely (although if the condition is that poor, it’s not going to be worth much anyway).

1922 ‘S’ Silver Dollar Value

Like the ‘D’ mintmark, the ‘S’ refers to a location – San Francisco. There were over 17 million Peace dollars minted in this location in 1922, so they are almost as rare as the Denver mint. Again, the location is the same.

Having this mintmark is not nearly as important for the value of the coin as condition is. A coin that is completely undisturbed and in perfect condition – also referred to as ‘uncirculated’ because it hasn’t entered circulation and ever been passed around as currency – will have a much higher value regardless of where it was minted.

1922 No Mint Mark Silver Dollar Value

Having no mintmark whatsoever on your 1922 silver Peace dollar simply means that it was minted in Philadelphia, as they did not apply a mint mark on the coins minted in this location.

Just like with the S and D coins, the lack of a mint mark isn’t the most influential factor when it comes to price. The grade/quality is much more important.

In total, over 51 million of these dollars were minted at Philadelphia.

1922 ‘High Relief’ Silver Dollar Value

At Philadelphia, where the majority of the 1922 silver dollars were minted, they initially used a ‘high relief’ technique to create the dollars. This gave them a brilliant luster and an amazing level of detail.

After producing just over 35 thousand high relief silver dollars, they switched to normal relief (sometimes referred to as low relief) instead. Many of the high relief dollars were rounded up and melted down to be reused.

That’s why having a high relief 1922 silver Peace dollar is like finding the golden ticket to the chocolate factory. They are incredibly rare, and thus the difference between a normal relief, worn dollar and a high relief, ‘uncirculated’ dollar can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.


What are silver dollars?

A silver dollar is a dollar coin produced by the American mint in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries in various designs. They are highly collectible and even if you find one that isn’t rare, it still has value as silver – so it’s more than just a dollar!

How much is a silver dollar worth?

If it is authentic, a silver dollar can be worth quite a lot. Depending on the design, relief, marks, and condition, it could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to the right collector. You should get your dollar authenticated, valued, and seek multiple quotes to ensure you are getting a fair price for it.

Are silver dollars from the 1920s worth much?

Yes, some are worth a lot! In the early 1920s, the American mint decided to bring back the silver dollar using a high relief technique, which produces a gorgeous high-quality coin. Not only has the value of silver as a metal increased naturally over time, but the rarity of the coins also makes them very valuable to collectors.

Are there different types of silver dollars?

Yes, absolutely. Different pressings were made in different years, creating different designs. A limited “run” of a coin pressing creates a rare silver dollar. The ‘Peace’ dollar and ‘Morgan’ dollar are two of the most well-known and highly sought-after coins that were minted.

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