Quick Answer: The type, rarity, and grade of 1942 half dollars all influence their value. However, the estimated price range is $13-24. However, proof coins might cost more to $30,000 and error coins start at $10,000.

There are endless reasons why someone would collect coins. Some coin collectors base their purchases on the coin’s value. Many people collect coins for the coins’ historical worth. Some take pleasure in collecting common coins and studying the mint marks and dates on their daily change, whereas others gather coins from various nations and cultures.

Anyone of any age can find enjoyment in the hobby of coin collecting. The majority of coin collectors started their collections when they were little kids by gathering pennies or dimes, and many of them have made coin collecting their lifelong pastime.

US coins are very popular among collectors. The main reason for this is the large number of denominations available in the US. In addition, US coins are widely recognized around the world due to their high quality and historical significance.It should not come as a surprise that collectors are constantly interested in silver dollars from the early 20th century because they are stunning examples of US currency.

This article details everything you need to know about the 1942 half dollar, including its history, minting process, value, and where you can find one in your own collection. Let’s dive in!

History of 1942 half dollar

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar is the first circulating coin to feature a representation of Lady Liberty in a walking pose. The US Mint produced the stunning Walking Liberty silver half dollar designed by Adolph A. Weinman from 1916 until 1947. Because of its aesthetics, the majority of coin collectors consider this coin to be the finest ever made by the US Mint.

The half dollar was authorised by the Act of April 2, 1792, but it wasn’t put into circulation until December 17, 1794. A large variety of die varieties, many of which are available for most dates, are present in the early types of this series.

The original half dollar weighed 208 grains and had a fineness of.8924. This standard remained unchanged until January 18, 1837, when it was changed to 206-1/4 grains and.900 fineness by law. This fineness continued in use until 1965.

According to the Act of February 21, 1853, as indicated by the arrows at the 1853 date, the weight was reduced to 192 grains. For just that one year, rays were added on the reverse side to help distinguish the lighter coins.

Did you know that the process of making a half dollar is a bit different from other coins?

The technique of “reeding,”giving dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars their distinctive ridges, is applied to these coins. These ridges prevent the precious metal in gold and silver coins from being illegally clipped or shaven.


1942 half dollar Lady Liberty was depicted walking because she had always walked free and independent across the face of a great nation’s land; she had not bowed to anyone nor been controlled by any power in history, which was an important concept during World War II when many Americans felt like they were being controlled by their government. The fact that Lady Liberty was portrayed as a fearless woman who stood up for her convictions was also well-liked by the public.

As usual, this coin’s reverse reads the words “LIBERTY,” ” IN GOD WE TRUST,” and the year of minting. The American Bald Eagle on the reverse, which symbolises America’s origins, is seated on a rocky outcrop.

The three inscriptions—UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, E PLURIBUS UNUM, and HALF DOLLAR—were added by the designer to the reverse. Additionally, under the eagle’s wing, his initials AAW are visible.

You might have noticed that the inscriptions on US coins are the same for every coin. In fact, US law mandates that all circulating coins bear the inscriptions “Liberty,” “In God We Trust,” “The United States of America,” and “E Pluribus Unum” in addition to the denomination and year of issue on each coin. All silver dollar, half-dollar, and quarter coins, as well as gold coins, started to feature this wording on July 1, 1908.

1942 Half Dollar Value Chart

For the type collector, specimens of the Liberty Walking half dollar are fairly accessible. The available grades range from good to uncirculated, but sharply struck coins are distinctly hard to find.

The total number of 1942 half pennies minted is 71,520,920.

Coin Identifying Mark Average Price Rarity
1942 Half Dollar There is no mint mark under the date. $13 to $24 common
1942 D The Denver Mint struck the coin with the “D” Mint Mark and the date. $13 to $24 common
1942 S The San Francisco Mint struck the coin with the “S” Mint Mark and the date. $13 to $24 common

How to Determine the Value of Your 1942 Half Dollar?

Quality is a keyword in coin collecting today, and it’s a keyword for you if you’re planning to buy or sell coins in the current market. The best coins will cost you more to purchase, but you will make more money when you sell them, and it’s likely that the premium coins will hold their value longer. On the other hand, if you are considering selling any coins you already own, you will find that buyers place a strong emphasis on coin condition.

You might already know that a coin grading system can be a useful tool for investors to help determine the value of a coin. The grading system is basically a way to show how well a coin has been preserved over time. It is possible to grade coins based on their condition and appearance as well as their metal composition and content.

There are several reasons why grading systems are important. First, they can help investors know the value of their coins. Second, grading systems can help investors know if there is any damage or wear on the coin when they buy it. This could give them an opportunity to ask for a reduced price or return it if it is not in good condition when they receive it.

Here is a comparative chart according to the grading system:

Year Condition
Good Fine Extra Fine Uncirculated
1942 $13 $16 $18 $22
1942 D $13 $16 $18 $22
1942 S $13 $16 $18 $20

The most expensive types of 1942 half dollar

Despite only producing 21,120 Walking Liberty half dollar proofs in 1942, this was the largest mintage since the coin’s inception.

This series was drastically shortened when the manufacture of proofs abruptly ceased during World War II.You can easily find a proof coin in top condition on the current coin market because the majority of proofs weren’t made available for purchase. Although generally prevalent, PR67 and PR68 are relatively rare.

PR 64 $442 to $520
PR 65 $488 to $585
PR 66 $618 to $715
PR 67 $910 to $1,090
PR 68 $3,750 to $5,880
PR 69 $24,000 to $30,000

Watch this video for an up-close look at rare and expensive 1942 half dollar coins.

Proof coins explained

You may need to look more closely at the definition of the word “proof” if it overwhelms you.

Proof coins are usually the most expensive types of coins and can go for thousands of dollars. These special sets of coins have been specially made for collectors. They are usually made from a different metal than regular coins and are often more valuable due to their rarity. They can be made out of gold, silver, platinum, or more. There are also proof coin sets made up of just one coin in a series, and they can be worth thousands of dollars as well. These types of coins are typically only available through special dealers and auction sites.

There are two main types of proof coins: mint state and prooflike. Mint State coins have been struck from specially prepared dies (i.e., moulds) at the time of manufacture, while Prooflike coins are struck using dies that have been used to strike regular issue U.S. coins but that have been altered in some way to enhance their appearance or durability. Mint State proof coins are considered to be authentic, while Prooflike proof coins are not an exact replica of their regular counterparts because they have been artificially enhanced in some way (e.g., die cracks repaired, die scratches filled in, etc.).

In certain cases, prooflike coins may be worth more than their Mint State counterparts because there are simply fewer of them out there in circulation due to wear and tear or other factors (e.g., forgeries).

Remember that uncirculated or proof coins should only be touched on their edges because even a very small fingerprint might affect the coin’s grade and therefore its value.

1942 Half Dollar Errors

Error coins are coins that have been minted in error and hence bear a unique coat of arms or other design. There are many different types of error coins, including overstriking (where one coin is struck multiple times in error), minting tool doubling (where two dies are used to strike a coin) and die break (where the dies break). Each type has its own unique value, with die break being the most valuable as it is extremely rare. Die break coins have only been found in a handful of sets and have a value of $10,000 to $100,000 depending on the set. 1942 half dollars are no exception.

For instance, this one of the kind error coin costs $36,975.00.

Additionally, Heritage Auctions American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money sold 1942 half dollar coins for $12,337. This coin was struck at planchet. The story behind this is that this 1942 sample struck on a planchet meant for a half dollar is one of perhaps five documented major errors on Walking Liberty half dollars. It occurred at a hectic moment for the Bureau of the Mint as it dealt with the difficulties brought on by World War II, similar to many other blunders.

A Couple of Things to Know About 1942 Half Dollar

Where to Get Your 1942 Half Dollar?

The secondary market for coins is often a great way to get a bargain. The key is to be careful about buying from unknown sellers. Buy from trusted sellers who have a good reputation, and make sure you’re comparing prices before making a purchase.

There are also several other ways to buy coins. You can buy them from people who have them for sale at face value, or you can buy them in bulk and sell them on an online marketplace like eBay.

eBay is generally the best option because it lets you set your own price and it allows you to keep track of all your sales history. It also lets you easily list any coin that you want to sell in the future.

There are a number of reasons why this is the case. First, eBay is an established platform that has been in operation since 1995. Second, eBay’s listing requirements are fairly low compared to other platforms such as Google or Bing. Finally, eBay is a reliable place to sell items that you would like to get rid of. All of these things make eBay your best choice when searching for coins online.

As mentioned above, half dollar proofs can be quite profitable. For instance, this seller is selling the proof coin for $1050.

For only $22, if you’re just looking for an uncirculated coin to add to your collection, this might be the one for you.

If you are just starting out as a collector, you can just start with this coin for only $0.99!

Is It Worth It To Invest In The 1942 Half Dollar?

There is no doubt that a half dollar coin is attractive to investors because they can potentially yield a profit by selling them back at a later date. Some investors are even willing to pay more for them than they would for quarters or dimes because of this potential profit. In addition, there is also some speculation about their future value because of their limited production and potential scarcity.

In a nutshell, it is difficult to judge whether it is worthwhile to invest in this coin because the success of an investment depends on many different economic factors, but one thing is certain: due to its beauty, an investment in this coin will never be a failure.

Overall, the 1942-1945 half is a classic. It has an interesting history and a mysterious backstory, which sets it apart from many other coins in the modern era. As a result, the 1942 half dollar, including its value and beautiful appearance, is one of the most exciting coins to collect.

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