Answer: The value of a 1973 half dollar ranges from $0.50 to $1 in circulated condition and from $0 to $3 in uncirculated condition. There are, however, more expensive options available, such as those with MS65 and above high grades, which can be valued at $100 . Coins with error and proof features are more expensive. One coin, for example, ended up selling for more than $4,000. The value of error coins depends on their condition and type of errors.

Coin collecting is a pleasant hobby that everyone can enjoy. It’s an excellent way to learn more about your country and the history of money. A coin collection also allows you to develop a collection, which may be useful when exploring new investment methods. If you start collecting coins, you might be able to make some money later on by selling your collection.

Before you invest in any coin, you should first determine its value in the first place. Many factors influence coin prices and values in the coin market, which is complicated and diverse.

In this article, we will discuss the value of the 1973 Kennedy Half Dollar as well as some other crucial facts, including its history, features, and numerous other fascinating facts.

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History And Facts behind 1973 Half Dollar

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of President John F. Kennedy opted for a half-dollar coin to memorialise her deceased husband. In taking this decision, the former First Lady decided that the half dollar was the most appropriate currency since it avoided the inescapable need to replace another previous President in minting a new coin. Benjamin Franklin’s was the symbol displayed on the half dollar at the time of this choice.

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy lost the coin’s monetary perception. It caused the public to see the new species as a tribute to his presidency and legacy. The large proportion of the population didn’t spend their Half Dollars; they retained them for sentimental reasons or with the hope that they might one day be valued much.

The absence of Kennedy half dollars became apparent. The United States Mint ended manufacturing Kennedy Half Dollars for monetary circulation in 2002,

The year 1973 marks the 10-year anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, which makes half a dollar a special one to collect.

Its composition consists of Copper-Nickel Clad Copper, weighs 11.34g, and is 30.6mm in diameter. And there have been  64,964,000 half dollars minted in that year.

The Value of a 1973 Kennedy Half Dollar

For most people, Kennedy half dollars are not valuable coins to collect. They don’t have much collectability and are not rare by any means. Many people do collect them, but more for their history than anything else. The reason why these are not so valuable is because they are so common and many Americans have them laying around in their houses.

For a better understanding of the coin’s value, let’s look at a chart.

Value Chart

  circulated uncirculated
1973  $0.50-1  $1-3
1973-D  $0.50-1  $1-3

If you want to turn your pennies into fortune, then these coins won’t earn you much. There are still some rare and special 1973 half dollar coins that are valuable, though, and we will take a look at them now.

What influences the coin’s value?

A coin grading service can be confusing. What is a coin’s grade? How do they judge a coin’s condition and authenticity? Why are coins of a given value more valuable if they’re graded higher?

Coin grading is the process of evaluating the condition and quality of a coin (respectively state and national) by verifying its authenticity as well as its grade. This is done by experts in their field who analyse various factors such as the lustre, penetration marks, abrasions, textured surfaces, and other physical characteristics.

In MS65 and MS66, Kennedy half dollars can be worth a bit more. A coin with an MS-65 grade displays a striking high level of shine and date for the mint. A 1973 half dollar in this grade can be worth $15, which can still be considered profitable for $0.50. Whereas coins in  MS66 grade in which the coin has little to blemish, the 1973 half dollar can be worth $100!

If you are having trouble evaluating the grade of your 1973 Kennedy half dollar on your own,  you would rather take it to a professional coin grading company to get an evaluation.

This coin is MS68 grade and holds an auction record of $1,704

Proof coins

Proof coins are a special set of coins that are most often used as a commemorative piece, Because of their rarity and the fact that they do not circulate on any market, proof coins are very valuable — in fact, some collectors may pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single coin.

They undergo rigorous quality control during production, inspection, and packaging. Proof coins are beautiful, special, and valuable, and the 1973 Kennedy half dollar is no exception to that either!

For instance, this coin has been sold at auction for $4,888. This is a 1973 Kennedy half dollar-S, which means it was minted in San Francisco. In fact, Kennedy half dollar proof coins were only minted in San Francisco.

Another Kennedy-S coin has been sold for $4,370

If you want to have one high grade proof coin of your own, you can get one on eBay for $20 only

Error coins

Error coins are coins that were produced as a result of a production error.  They are  unique and rare pieces struck by mints that were clearly not meant to be part of the final coin minting process. They differ from normal circulation coins in that all of them have been found with a major flaw or mistake made during minting or production. This flaw can be anything from worn planchets to off-centre die casting flaws and more.

Double denominations are one of the errors that make coins valuable, so you want to look at this type of error on your coin. For a reference, take a look at this 1973 half dollar error coin, which has a doubling error on the reverse.

Another example is this double-die error coin that is selling on eBay for $40.

This coin is a very interesting one. It has several unique features. First of all, it’s a proof coin and it has not two but three strikes, making this coin one of a kind.

Whereas, this coin features one of the most frequent errors- clipped

Commonly Asked Questions

What is a half dollar?

A US half dollar is fifty cents of United States currency. They were first minted in 1793 and have been produced every year since then, except for two periods during the Civil War and World War I, when production of US coins was suspended.

Where to get or sell 1973 half dollars?

The best place to find collectible coins is on eBay. The site has thousands of different types of coins and also offers a wide variety of options for buying them. You can find all kinds of coins.

On eBay, you can buy certified coins using third-party grading services. These services will authenticate a coin for you and issue a grade for it. You can then choose the level of authentication that suits your needs best.

If you’re looking to buy collectible coins, eBay is a good place to start your search because it offers a wide selection and is easy to navigate.

You can also post an item of your own and wait for other users to start bidding. This is a relatively straightforward process. You can also sell your coins through third-party services like eBay Classifieds or Craigslist. However, this option might not be as reliable as selling directly through eBay since these third-party services often attract fewer buyers and may take longer to list your item.

With that said, let’s take a look at the 1973 Kennedy half dollars that are selling on the eBay auction website at the moment.

As mentioned, proof coins are usually more expensive than their regular counterparts. However, due to the low value of Kennedy’s 1973 half dollars, you can get proof one only for $2.25.

If you are a more advanced collector and are looking for interesting coins, take a look at this error coin that has a cam error and is selling for $2,600.

If you are looking for a coin with an aesthetic appeal, this might be for you. It has a rainbow tone and would be a wonderful addition to your collection.

Is it worth it to invest in the 1973 Kennedy half dollar?

1973 Kennedy half dollars are not typically highly valued, even in the uncirculated grade. People usually collect them for sentimental reasons, as President Kennedy is a beloved figure not only in the US, but also around the globe. Owning it can be enjoyable for historical reasons, but if you want to earn money with it, it might not be the best choice. Finding an extremely rare 1973 Kennedy half dollar to reinvest and make money would require a lot of work.

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The 1973 Kennedy Half Dollar Overview

Kennedy half dollars are made of Copper-Nickel Clad Copper, weigh 11.34g, and are 30.6mm in diameter. The Kennedy half dollar is made of Copper-Nickel Clad Copper, weighs 11.34g, and measures 30.6mm in diameter. For most people, Kennedy half dollars are not valuable coins to collect. In a year that marked 10 years since President Kennedy’s assassination, 64,964,0000 half dollars have been printed. There are many interesting error half dollar coins as well as proof coins in 1973 half dollars.

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