New-age money might seem too young to be classified as a collectible, however, that isn’t entirely truth. Early 21st-century money can’t be called antique or vintage, but there are some very valuable banknotes that can be worth as much as some valuable vintage pieces.

$2 bills make up only 0.001% of all the printed denominations in the US. So it is true to say they are rare, but that does not guarantee extraordinary value.

Collecting $2 bills can be a great investment. If you are interested in finding out more about the value of 2003 2 dollar bills you’re on the right page. Let’s find out more…

List Of The Most Valuable 2003 $2 Bills

List Of The Most Valuable 2003 $2 Bills

In most cases, a circulated 2003 $2 bill will be worth only its face value. However, there are some varieties with small details that will increase in the price.

An uncirculated bill with grade MS63, issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis will be worth at least $5. Moreover, the same bill in the same condition will be estimated at $35 if it was printed in the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

The 2003 $2 bill comes in two varieties – 2003 and 2003A. These modern two-dollar bills are exactly the same – the only difference is the A prefix and who signed them.

The regular 2003 bill was signed by Rosario Marin and John W. Snow while the 2003A bill was signed by Anna Escobedo Cabral and John W. Snow. Most 2003A $2 bills are worth around $5-10. However, if your bill was printed in San Francisco or St. Louis it will be worth more.

Replacement star notes are the ones that will be worth more. These bills were printed in all twelve Federal Reserve Banks. You will recognize them by the star symbol and serial numbers that go from 1 to 16,000. 2003A $2 star notes were only printed for the Atlanta and San Francisco districts.

In circulated condition, a 2003 $2 star bill with MS63 grade will fetch around $35, while the uncirculated variety will be worth around $75. A 2003A $2 star bill in uncirculated MS63 condition that was printed in the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta will cost at least $120, while the San Franciso variety will be worth around $150.

Most Valuable 2003 $2 Bill Chart

Series Estimated worth for bill in very fine condition Estimated worth for uncirculated bill Amount of bills in a bundle Condition Record Price


MS 65

2003 $2 star note FRN (C 00001776 *) Year of Declaration of Independence $35 $75 1 Choice Uncirculated

MS 64

$2 2003 Fr. 1937-G* Federal Reserve star  Note. PMG Choice Uncirculated 63 EPQ


$35 $75 1 Choice Uncirculated MS 63 $19,200
$2 2003 Fr. 1937-A*-L*  Low serial number Federal Reserve Notes. Gem Crisp Uncirculated $35 $75 1 Gem Uncirculated $14,950
$2 2003A  Serial Fr. 1938-LFederal Reserve Notes. Pack of 100 $35 $120 100 Uncirculated $7,200
$2 Set Series 2003 Fr. 1937-A*-L* Federal Reserve Star Notes Choice Crisp Uncirculate $35 $75 12 Choice Uncirculated $4,560
$2 Set Series 2003 Fr. 1937-A*-L* $2 2003 Federal Reserve Notes. Gem Crisp Uncirculated $35 $75 2 Gem Uncirculated $3,450
$2 2003 Federal Reserve Star Notes 39 Complete District Set Fr. 1937-A*-L* PMG 63 – 66 $35 $75 12 Uncirculated $3,120
$2 2003 Fr. 1937-A*-L* Federal Reserve StarNotes. Gem Crisp Uncirculated $35 $120 12 Uncirculated $2,990
2003 $2 1937-A*-L* Federal Reserve Notes. Gem Crisp Uncirculated $35 $75 2 Uncirculated $2,760
$2 2003 Fr. 1937-A* Federal Reserve Star Note. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64 EPQ $35 $75 1 Choice Uncirculated $2,280
$2 2003 Federal Reserve Star Notes Low Serial 00000082* Complete District Set Fr. 1937-A*-L* $35 $75 12 Uncirculated

MS 63

MS 64

MS 65

$2 2003 Fr. 1937-B* Federal Reserve Star Note. Gem Crisp Uncirculated $35 $120 1 Gem Uncirculated $1,840
$2 2003 Fr. 1937-G* Federal Reserve Star Note. Choice Crisp Uncirculated $35 $120 1 Choice Uncirculated $1,610
$2 2003A Fr. 1938-L Federal Reserve Note. PCGS Perfect New 70PPQ $2 $10 1 Gem Uncirculated $1,527
$2 2003 Federal Reserve Star Notes Low Serial Number 00000031* Fr. 1937-D*; E*; F*; H*; J*; L* $35 $75 2 Uncirculated

MS 65

MS 66

$2 2003 Federal Reserve Note Near Solid Binary Serial Number 01111111 Fr. 1937-I

PCGS Gem New 66PPQ

$35 $75 1 Gem Uncirculated $1,320
2003 $2 Bill FW 32 Subject Uncut Crisp UNC Sheet BA Block Letters in BEP Tube H/L $35 $75 32 Uncirculated $1,204
$2 2003 Federal Reserve Note Single Digit Star Serial Number L00000007* Fr. 1937-L* $35 $75 1 Uncirculated

MS 66

2003A $2 BILLS,(12 District full set ) STAR UNCIRCULATED $35 $120 12 Uncirculated

MS 65

MS 66

MS 67

2003A $2 FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE- RADAR ROTATOR SER.#11888811-PMG #66 PPQ GEM-RARE $2 $10 1 Gem Uncirculated $1,000
2003A $2 Bill Lot Of 5 FRN L San Francisco Unc Rare Gem $2 $10 5 Uncirculated $1,000
2003A $2 Bill Lot of 6 Sequential Notes $2 $10 6 Uncirculated $1,000
2003A $2 32-subject Uncut Sheets KB and JB blocks $2 $10 32 Uncirculated $999
2003 2$ Star BEP Pack Minneapolis District Rare Sequential Pack $35 $75 100 Uncirculated $949
2003 $2 Bill FRN I47777777–477777774A RADAR-PAIR **GEM–CU** $5 $35 2 Choice Uncirculated $875
2003A $2 Bill FRN B08000080A “2 DIGIT RADAR” P.C.G.S #65PPQ $2 $10 1 Gem Uncirculated

MS 65

2003 $2 Star Notes Low Number Very Rare B00000886*


$35 $75 1 Uncirculated $750
2003 $2 bills FW 16 Subject Uncut Crisp UNC Sheet FA Block Letters in BEP Tube H/L $5 $35 16 Gem Uncirculated $616
2003A $2 Bills 100pcs Uncirculated Crisp New Bills $2 $10 100 Gem Uncirculated $595
2003 $2 Bill STAR STAMP CANCEL FLAG OF UN FROM DOMINICA $35 $75 1 Uncirculated $500
2003A $2 Bill Federal Reserve Notes – ST. LOUIS – and DALLAS UNCIRCULATED


$2 $10 2 Gem Uncirculated $450
Series 2003 BEP $2 Star Note Set (12 Districts) Low Serial – Rare Only 16K Issue $35 $75 12 Gem Uncirculated $405
2003A $2 Bill GEM UNC MS 65 FULL PACK OF 100 PCS $2 $10 100 Gem Uncirculated

MS 65

2003A $2 Down Ladder J98765431B, just one digit off from a holy-grail. Gem CU $2 $10 1 Choice Uncirculated $399
2003A $2 FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE CHICAGO G20110911D – 9/11 TRIBUTE – PMG-66 UNC $2 $10 1 Gem Uncirculated

MS 66

2003 $2 MINNEAPOLISIS (I) BEP ISSUED PACK OF 100 CONSECUTIVE FRN NOTES I-A $35 $75 100 Uncirculated $329
2003A $2 Bill HA & KA blocks # 01571529 Rare $35 $75 2 Circulated $320

MS 67

2003 $2 Bill – 9 Sequential Serial Numbers


$35 $75 9 Circulated $220
2003 $2 Bill FEDERAL RESERVE STAR NOTE I03350592* $35 $75 1 Circulated $180
2003 $2 Star Bill Federal Reserve Atlanta B00002185*


$35 $75 1 Choice Uncirculated

MS 63

2003A $2 FRN Bill San Francisco, Radar Serial Numbers L22111122A,AU $2 $10 1 Uncirculated $125
2003 $2 Bill STAMP CANCEL FLAG OF UN FROM ICELAND $35 $75 1 Uncirculated $125
2003 2$  Bill STAR NOTE LOW SERIAL NUMBER $35 $75 1 Uncirculated $100

What Determines The Value Of A 2003 $2 Bill?

When we talk about determining the value of paper money the most prominent factor is the actual physical condition of the banknote. Any signs of damage will significantly lower the value of your banknote.

However, this isn’t the only factor that impacts the final price. Make sure you take a good look at the following:

  • Printing location – In some cases, the same bill will be worth more if it comes from a specific district.
  • Serial numbers – Keep in mind that different serial numbers have different values. Lower serial numbers will always achieve a higher price tag.
  • Errors – Mistakes and misprints can easily occur during printing. Mistakes like doubled or misplaced seals are the ones that will increase the value of your banknote the most.
  • Star symbol – If your dollar bill features a star symbol at the beginning or end of the serial number you have come across a replacement banknote. These are pretty rare and valuable.
  • Palindromes or radar notes – Serial numbers that read the same whether you look at them backward or forwards are a big thing among money collectors. People are willing to pay a large amount of money to own a banknote like this.

Where Should You Search For A 2003 $2 Bill?

Where Should You Search For A 2003 $2 Bill

Since these $2 bills are relatively new you can find them in your pocket change since they are still used in circulation. Anyhow, if you have your sights set on a rare and valuable 2003 $2 bill the first place where you should check is a local numismatic shop or numismatic event. These places are great for newbie collectors who are having a hard time finding rare banknotes on their own.

When you want to buy some particular item make sure you check reputable sources on the internet, a font of information. If the item you are looking for is not available right now, you can always set an alarm that will notify you when it comes back in stock or is being sold by somebody.

You can also search for 2003 $2 bills on online auction websites such as Etsy, eBay, or Live Auctioneers. Make sure you look thoroughly at what these websites have to offer, only buy from reputable sellers, and go for listings with plenty of detailed images and information. The best places to get information about the price tag to expect for a particular dollar bill are online auction sites.


How much is a 2003 $2 bill worth?

In most cases, a 2003 $2 bill will fetch you around $5 in circulated condition, without any special serial number or symbols. If you plan on collecting different varieties of 2003 $2 bills then you must patiently search for them, and this will take some time. It is likely that $2 bill values will increase in time.

Why are $2 bills not in frequent use?

In the past, people believed that the $2 bill is unlucky, since it was mostly used for gambling, betting, and bribing,

A lot of $2 bills from the 1920s are missing a corner. People did this to protect themselves from bad luck. Nowadays, a $2 bill is almost useless since many cash registers, and vending machines, and so on do not recognize them.

Can you get a 2003 $2 bill in a bank?

Around a billion $2 bills are still in circulation. This means that of course, you can ask for any newer $2 bill in your local bank. In fact, this might be the best place to start your $2 bill adventure. All you have to do is to visit your local bank and ask for a specific type of banknote.

How much is a $2 bill worth in 2023?

These small denomination banknotes are either legal tender notes or Federal Reserve notes, which dictates their actual value. The Federal Reserve Notes feature a green or blue seal, while the legal tender notes have a red seal. The red seal banknotes are among the most scarce and expensive paper money.

In most cases, the circulated red seal $2 legal tender note in very fine condition will fetch you around $15, while the uncirculated version will get you at least $25.

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