If you are here reading this particular article then I’m sure that you or someone close to you came across this unique gold coin that features angels on both sides. So what’s the deal with this strange coin? Does it have some hidden message? Is it valuable? Where do you get it from? Can I pay something with that coin? The questions are numerous.

Luckily for you, we did thorough research on this topic and we are here to share everything we did learn, even though this particular item is not popular on the internet.

So, in most cases, these coins are considered pocket charms to say so. They serve as a gift to someone you wish good luck and protection. These coins are not official currency anywhere, they do not have any monetary value, nor do they carry any denomination label.

If you are eager to learn why a non-monetary coin with angels on both side is a collectible item keep on reading.

The Legend Of Lucky French Angel Coin That Started All

Angel Coin

The belief in lucky coins is deeply rooted in our history. In fact, the story about it goes way before the Catholic church began to mint and release these good charm tokens with angels on both sides.

Among the first coins minted with an angel featured in the design was an old British coin – Henry VII gold Angel ND coin minted somewhat between 1485 and 1509. This coin is worth somewhere around $17,000 today! However, this coin is not the one that inspired people to consider all angel coins as guardian lucky coins.

The story in fact goes like this.

In 1792, French King Louis XVI ordered his coin designer, Augustin Dupre to design a new look for French coinage. At that time Dupre was obsessed with angels and incorporated one on the coin’s reverse side. These coins were approved and released in circulation that same year.

However, King Louis XVI saw this design as a threat and a powerful sign that will encourage the rebellion against his monarchy, so he proclaimed Dupre a traitor and sentenced him to death by guillotine.

Dupre managed to escape his faith, and there are a few versions of this myth, and all of them involve his lucky coins. The point is that his Angel coin bought him an escape ticket and gained a reputation as a lucky or guardian angel coin. From that moment lucky coins became something that every person wanted to own.

Throughout history, a lot of soldiers, and sailors refused to travel without carrying angel coins for good luck in their pockets. During WWI and WWII pilots set the tradition to carry angel coins with them when flying, and this tradition still remains.

Why did people believe that angel coins have magical power?

In the middle ages, a lot of unidentified (at that time) and very contagious diseases were constantly circulated among the human race. From the plague, through scrofula (they called it king’s evil) to cholera, all these diseases were killing people and nothing could stop or contain them.

So in fear people started to believe that the angel coin had some sort of magical power that will help cure and protect people from these vicious diseases.

In fact, they believed so deeply in its power that the simple touch of the angel coin could cure the ill people that they minted coins specifically for these purposes. The coins were always presented to the sick during a healing ceremony. Some holistic doctors still use lucky coins as a tool for healing and meditation.

What is the difference between the French Angel Coin and Guardian Coin?

French Angel Coin and Guardian Ange Coin

The only difference between the French Angel coin and the guardian coin we are talking about in this article is in material value. French angel coins are made from at least 90% gold and have real numismatic value. These coins can be found on the internet and their estimated price is a few hundred dollars.

While on the other hand guardian angel coins made by the Catholic church are made from brass in most cases, and topped up with a golden finish to look more eye-appealing. This gold finish does not contribute to its material value at all.

What Kind Of Coin Is The Guardian Angel Coin?

These gold coins are also called tokens. They were and still are circulated (in most cases) by the Catholic Relief Service as signs of good faith, healing tools, a wedding gift, and protection from all evil.

They are mainly made from non-precious metals and because of that they barely have any material value. The design features angels on both the reverse and obverse sides, and the edge is always smooth. These tokens are relatively lightweight, just around 5 grams, and will have 25 mm in diameter.

However, the guardian angel coin is a religious token whose design appeals to many people and brings peace of mind and relief to the one that carries it. This is the main reason why these coins are very sought-after among believers and coin collectors.

Is there are specific grading system for these coins?

Since these coins are not the official currency and their production depends on demand there is no specific grading system for them. Most of these coins are found in uncirculated conditions and since they are only used as good luck charms their condition can’t be graded and it is difficult to tell them apart.

However, some vintage coins that were preserved in a special case hold a special value and can reach some premium price tags. Determining the real value of these coins is super hard since they do not have any material values.

What can affect the price tag is if these coins were handled by some specific Catholic relief service or if they have some rare engraved sign (which is very rare). If you want you can order an angel coin that will be specifically engraved as you wish but that does not make them more valuable.

Where Can You Buy Or Sell These Coins?

Angels On Both Sides

There is no proper collectors market for these tokens which is the main reason why there is no more information about these coins. Even though these coins do not have any specific material value they are very sought-after the Catholic believers.

These coins have many stories attached to them as they are in circulation for a long time so what makes them valuable is the story behind each particular piece. Some of these coins can be bought on the internet for a bit more than $5.

If you want to sell your guardian coin, you can do this on online platforms such as Etsy and eBay, or at specialized numismatic shops and pawn shops. You will get a better price if you have a bulk of them instead of just one.

Is The Coin With Angels On Both Sides Worth Investing In?

From the material perspective not really, since you can’t earn any bigger amount of money on these coins. However, if you are a religious person and a coin collector at the same time I’m sure you will like to have an item like this that will be used for personal purposes.

A lot of people find great comfort in having these lucky coins around so you might try that as well and see if that works for you. If not they will make your coin collection prettier since they do look very eye pleasing.

So the mystery is solved, these tokens do not hold any special material value so in case someone wants to sell them to you for an unreasonably high price tag make sure you investigate why.

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